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New Custodians of Collective Spirit

Universal Yachting are delighted to have acquired “Collective Spirit” and with the help of others be part of securing her future.

After her launch in 2012 she enjoyed some time on the water and was much admired artistically being seen at festivals around the UK and abroad. Unfortunately she never totally fulfilled her full potential afloat providing opportunities for people to experience her on the water and for the last few years has been in storage ashore.

Recently put up for sale we approached the artists who had originally been awarded the grant to build her by the Art Council. Keen to prevent her condition deteriorating as well as to try and find a way of picking up on the original ideas behind the project and continue the legacy that was always intended for her we acquired her at the end of 2022.

Being run on a “Not for Profit” basis any money we can generate from Collective Spirit will be put back directly into her maintenance and upkeep. Any excess funds created will be used for good and charitable causes to help people who might benefit from the experience of going out sailing on her for a day.

Immediately there is some remedial work involved to make good some areas where her time in storage has showed. Then we are looking to make a number of improvements and upgrades so that she can stay in the water each summer so that she is easily available to get out on the water. As well as some protective vinyl coverings to protect all the donations from the inevitable wear and tear and effects of UV.

We are keen to hear from people who would like to get involved and invite you to register your interest with us to receive further information and updates.

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